‘Vaccines – Calling the Shots’ on SBS 730pm Monday 14th September

Produced by the Tangled Bank Studios (part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the US) together with Genepool Productions, this documentary is the American update of our earlier documentary, ‘Jabbed-love, fear and vaccines’. The new film illuminates the latest science of immunisation, tracking recent outbreaks and shedding light on the risks of opting out – it also covers new scientific insights into autism.

This program received outstanding critical reviews and reached a wide audience when it first broadcast on PBS NOVA in late 2014. (It also achieved over 53 million media impressions and 4.2 million tweets!)

Vaccines – Calling the Shots “lays out the clear, unambiguous case for why it is so important for everyone to be vaccinated…For anyone who may be on the fence but willing to be convinced, this special is well worth their time. It lays out in understandable ways how and why vaccines work, and why we cannot afford to do without them.”

-Russell Saunders, THE DAILY BEAST

“Perhaps the program will get through to people who still doubt vaccines. Published science hasn’t fully done the trick, and pediatricians are left to tussle with resistant parents. A better approach might be to focus on the next generation: Show this first-rate documentary to middle school kids. “

-Nathan Seppa, SCIENCE NEWS

“If you care about science, it’s something you should watch.”

-Chris Mooney, MOTHER JONES

Vaccines – Calling the Shots “cuts through the misinformation and acrimony surrounding the vaccine debate.”


“Calling the Shots does a first-rate job of acknowledging those risks and then putting them in perspective, respectfully, for people who are too young to remember diseases like measles or whooping cough, or who may still have lingering doubts about what’s proven to be a nonexistent link between autism and certain vaccinations.”


“With whiz-bang animation and graphics, the show covers the discovery of vaccines, the concept of herd immunity, and extreme cases of vaccine-caused injuries. With vaccines at the center of various educational debates, the NOVA episode will be of interest to many in the field.”


Vaccines – Calling the Shots “targets parents in the no man’s land of misinformation about vaccines as well as those with questions and concerns about them.”

-Kristine Crane, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT

“One by one, Shots strikes down the anti-vaccine bogeymen — for example, how vaccines may cause autism (zero evidence for that claim, according to dozens of studies) or seizures (Dravet syndrome, a form of epilepsy in infancy, can be triggered by vaccines — but there are other triggers, too, including fever).”


“PBS’ newest documentary may be able to disseminate the truth once and for all…”NOVA: Vaccines-Calling The Shots” will address the biggest misconceptions about vaccines with the goal of opening healthy dialogue with parents who deserve to ask questions and have doctors who are ready to deliver answers.“

-Samantha Olson, MEDICAL DAILY

“one hour of reasonable, informative television that should not be missed.”

-Yvonne Condes, MOMSLA.COM

“While the concerns of ordinary parents are given voice, and the rare adverse reaction acknowledged, there is a refreshing lack of false equivalence here: That there are no anti-vaccine “experts” invited to speak some will decry as unfair (“There’s no such thing as an unbiased source,” says one mother). But this is a science show, and discredited theories are no theories at all.”