Title : Stupid Stupid Man
Duration : 16 x 30 min
Broadcaster : TV1 (Australia)

Stupid, Stupid Man centres on the lives of the four men on the editorial team and the women that work with them. Carl Van Dyke (Wayne Hope), is the Editor whose roots and aspirations lie with real news journalism. Nick Driscoll (Matthew Newton), is the Features Writer who is smart and very charming, but lazy. Dave Muir (Bob Franklin), is the self-doubting Advice columnist.

Tina Carmody (Sophie Katinis) is the smart and sexy Personal Assistant, who understands the paradoxical world of men’s magazines, is an astute judge of character with a disarming ability to speak her mind. Ross Hampton (Chris Leaney) is the shy, aspirational Copy Boy, who still lives with his mum. Anne Cassidy (Leah Vandenberg), is the stylish and successful Publisher who knows more about men she works with than they know about themselves.