Title : Hardliners
Duration : 10 x 30 min
Broadcaster : FOX8

Larger than life Australian long-line fishermen are at the heart of the action-packed factual series, HARDLINERS. The high seas adventure series focuses on the unique breed of action men who risk their lives every day chasing monster fish off the east coast of Australia. The colourful skippers and crews ply their trade in busy shipping lanes of the while being followed by fearsome sharks such as Great Whites, Tigers and Makos. The men must also brave the winter storms of the southern Pacific Ocean and avoid near misses with cargo ships which often run over and cut their fishing lines in half.

The prize is big tuna and the highly valuable Southern Blue Fin Tuna – most of which is quickly exported to Japan. A premium fish can be worth the price of a family sedan. But while they can earn a very good living, there are gut-wrenching times when exhausted crews can work for days and not catch a fish. No fish means no money.

HARDLINERS provides a remarkable and fascinating insight into human endurance and bravery. In the end, viewers will marvel at the sheer guts, good humour and true grit of the HARDLINERS.