Title : Demolition Man
Duration : 10 x 30 min
Broadcaster : A&E, Foxtel

Knocking down houses is only a part of the incredible world of Lawrie Voutier. This blue-singlet-wearing wheeler-dealer junk-man has a knack for turning a buck anywhere, anytime and from anyone.

From salvaging old windows and copper from plush art deco homes to buying and selling the rarest antiques, Lawrie doesn’t care if it’s ten bucks… or ten thousand. He can out-deal, out-talk, out-find and out-demolish any of the incredible characters he meets along the way.

Don’t let his rough appearance fool you. Lawrie is as sharp, as he is rich. Home base is his ten bedroom historical mansion, where he lives with his wife, Sue and twelve year old son, Charlie. Surrounding him is one of the biggest private antique collections in Australia.

Fancy a ride in a rare as hens’ teeth steam engine tractor from 1914? Step aboard. Lawrie has fourteen of them in a shed. Seriously.

Want to learn how to haggle with the greatest auctioneers and cantankerous old junk collectors in the country for anything from old gates to fourteen grands worth of taxidermy? Lawrie Voutier is the man to see. And the DEMOLITION MAN always wins.

With his trusty demo-man in training, twenty seven year old Jabba by his side, and Benny “the human crane” in the passenger seat, each episode of DEMOLITION MAN is a rollicking ride through an incredible collision of family, deals, destruction and classic Aussie humour.