The return of Gruen last night made it the top entertainment program this year for ABC TV. Preliminary overnight data had it at 1.318 nationally making it the #1 show after 7pm and the third most-watched show of the night after Seven and Nine News.

Produced by the Tangled Bank Studios (part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the US) together with Genepool Productions, this documentary is the American update of our earlier documentary, ‘Jabbed-love, fear and vaccines’. The new film illuminates the latest science of immunisation, tracking recent outbreaks and shedding light on the risks of opting out – it also covers new scientific insights into autism.

This program received outstanding critical reviews and reached a wide audience when it first broadcast on PBS NOVA in late 2014. (It also achieved over 53 million media impressions and 4.2 million tweets!)

Vaccines – Calling the Shots “lays out the clear, unambiguous case for why it is so important for everyone to be vaccinated…For anyone who may be on the fence but willing to be convinced, this special is well worth their time. It lays out in understandable ways how and why vaccines work, and why we cannot afford to do without them.”

-Russell Saunders, THE DAILY BEAST

“Perhaps the program will get through to people who still doubt vaccines. Published science hasn’t fully done the trick, and pediatricians are left to tussle with resistant parents. A better approach might be to focus on the next generation: Show this first-rate documentary to middle school kids. “

-Nathan Seppa, SCIENCE NEWS

“If you care about science, it’s something you should watch.”

-Chris Mooney, MOTHER JONES

Vaccines – Calling the Shots “cuts through the misinformation and acrimony surrounding the vaccine debate.”


“Calling the Shots does a first-rate job of acknowledging those risks and then putting them in perspective, respectfully, for people who are too young to remember diseases like measles or whooping cough, or who may still have lingering doubts about what’s proven to be a nonexistent link between autism and certain vaccinations.”


“With whiz-bang animation and graphics, the show covers the discovery of vaccines, the concept of herd immunity, and extreme cases of vaccine-caused injuries. With vaccines at the center of various educational debates, the NOVA episode will be of interest to many in the field.”


Vaccines – Calling the Shots “targets parents in the no man’s land of misinformation about vaccines as well as those with questions and concerns about them.”

-Kristine Crane, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT

“One by one, Shots strikes down the anti-vaccine bogeymen — for example, how vaccines may cause autism (zero evidence for that claim, according to dozens of studies) or seizures (Dravet syndrome, a form of epilepsy in infancy, can be triggered by vaccines — but there are other triggers, too, including fever).”


“PBS’ newest documentary may be able to disseminate the truth once and for all…”NOVA: Vaccines-Calling The Shots” will address the biggest misconceptions about vaccines with the goal of opening healthy dialogue with parents who deserve to ask questions and have doctors who are ready to deliver answers.“

-Samantha Olson, MEDICAL DAILY

“one hour of reasonable, informative television that should not be missed.”

-Yvonne Condes, MOMSLA.COM

“While the concerns of ordinary parents are given voice, and the rare adverse reaction acknowledged, there is a refreshing lack of false equivalence here: That there are no anti-vaccine “experts” invited to speak some will decry as unfair (“There’s no such thing as an unbiased source,” says one mother). But this is a science show, and discredited theories are no theories at all.”


The ground breaking, multi-award winning Australian series ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’, where participants follow the reverse journey of refugees, has been commissioned for a second series in Holland. Dutch indie, Tuvalu Media will once again produce the format (6x 30mins) to air on channel NPO3 early 2016.

“We are very excited to produce a second series of ‘Go back to where you came from’ in the Netherlands for public broadcaster EO. The first series had a huge impact and the refugee issue has only become more topical. Our second series will be with a younger cast and we hope to raise the same attention for this issue as we did with the first series. There is still a lot of ignorance and it’s a story that needs to be told.” TACO ZIMMERMAN, MD,Tuvalu Media.

The third Australian series produced by CJZ, which aired on local broadcaster SBS in July this year, once again sparked a furious national conversation about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. The program received further international coverage when it was revealed participants were shot at by ISIS insurgents during filming. The three part series was the most watched program on and SBS On Demand during this period and the official hashtag #GoBackSBS trended number 1 nationally on Twitter during episodes 1 and 3.

“We’re thrilled Tuvalu is producing a second series of ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’. The plight of refugees is becoming even more acute around the globe. This series is a wonderful way of helping people engage with these complex issues in an intelligent and compelling way”. MICHAEL CORDELL, CJZ co-Founder and EP of “Go Back To Where You Came From”

The previous Australian seasons have won multiple awards including two Logies for Most Outstanding Factual Program, The Rose d’Or and an International Emmy for non-scripted Entertainment.

Media enquiries, contact Georgina Harrop, [email protected], Mob: +61 419 508 531

New season also visits Baghdad, Myanmar and explores ‘statelessness’
Special three-night television event premieres
8.30pm Tuesday 28 July on SBS

Following the recent announcement of the return of Go Back To Where You Came From after three years, SBS reveals that participants in the new season visit Syria to witness what the UN calls the worst refugee crisis in 25 years – and come under fire by nearby ISIS insurgents.

Participants Kim (an anti-refugee campaigner), Andrew (an outspoken school teacher) and Nicole (a Nauru and Manus Island whistleblower) are escorted under security to the Syrian frontlines by Kurdish soldiers as they defend a village under threat by ISIS. Footage from the confronting event can be seen here:

Kim, Andrew and Nicole also visit Baghdad, Iraq in the new season – another country experiencing one of the world’s worst refugee crises.

Meanwhile, their fellow participants Davy (a former Vietnamese refugee who is anti-boats) and sisters Renee and Jodi (who have opposing views on refugee issues) follow the treacherous refugee journey of the ‘stateless’ Rohingya people. Rohingya are denied citizenship in their homeland of Myanmar and are considered by the UN as among the world’s most persecuted people – a plight that has only recently come to international attention.

The unique social experiment also gives the six ordinary Australians the opportunity to experience the Federal Government’s ‘Stop the Boats’ policy firsthand when they are transferred from a people smuggler’s boat to an orange lifeboat and turned back to Indonesia.

They meet with the residents of the world’s newest cities – refugee camps with populations in the thousands.

Tensions mount and relationships between the participants are tested as this intense journey pushes each of them, and their strongly held beliefs, to the limit.


Episode 1 – Tuesday 28 July at 8.30PM on SBS

Tempers flare early when the six Australians move in with refugees who were once ‘boat people’. Denied access, two of the participants get a bird’s-eye view of Wickham Point Detention Centre near Darwin before a fiery debate ensues outside its perimeter fence. Retracing their refugee hosts’ journeys, the participants travel to Indonesia where they board a fishing boat typically used by people smugglers and head for an unknown destination.

Episode 2 – Wednesday 29 July at 8.30PM on SBS

The six Australians get a first-hand experience of Australia’s ‘turn back the boats’ policy as they are transferred from a people smuggler’s boat to an orange lifeboat and turned back to Indonesia. Then they live with asylum seekers who have been turned back by the Australian navy. One group treks through the Thai jungle to discover how asylum seekers are trafficked and sold in to slavery. The other group visits the world’s newest city – a refugee camp built out of the Jordanian desert and home to more than 80,000.

Episode 3 – Thursday 30 July at 8.30PM on SBS

Following a reverse refugee journey, one group visits an unofficial camp housing many of the 140,000 ethnic minorities who fled their homes two years earlier. The series builds to a dramatic conclusion as the other group visits two of the most dangerous places on Earth and is fired at by ISIS insurgents. At the end of the journey the two groups are reunited in Cambodia to assess the impact of their experience.


Much has changed in the three years since Go Back To Where You Came From season two got the nation talking back in 2012. But with the introduction of the Federal Government’s ‘Stop the Boats’ policies, controversy surrounding detainee treatment in detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island, and a growing public awareness of ‘stateless’ asylum seekers, the issues are as important and divisive as ever.

The ground-breaking and multi award-winning SBS documentary series will again take six ordinary Australians on a reverse journey to retrace the steps of those seeking asylum.

Australia’s renowned academic on refugees, Dr David Corlett, will again oversee the unique social experiment, taking the six participants on a dangerous journey to experience life as a refugee firsthand. Eyes will be opened. Preconceptions will be challenged. Opinions will be changed.

The boats may have stopped, but the debate has not.

Go Back to Where You Came From was produced by CJZ for SBS. The previous seasons have won multiple awards, including two Logie awards for Most Outstanding Factual Program, a Golden Rose (Rose d’Or) award and an International Emmy Award for non-scripted Entertainment.

Teachers and students can join the journey online via the SBS Go Back Learn site featuring short clips, interactive multimedia, quizzes, related content and a Teacher Pack full of curriculum aligned activities for years 9-12.

The Classroom Resources have been tailored for use in English, Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts. The Go Back Learn Resource invites you to journey with three of the participants (Nicole, Jodi and Davy) via short clips from the series in order to unpack themes ranging from human rights and statelessness to Australia’s migration history. Each clip is supported by a selection of curriculum-aligned classroom activities. Extension activities and non-curriculum learning for school camps are also included.

For Series 3, SBS Content Outreach has partnered with Australian Red Cross. The partnership has allowed a creative collaboration to produce Classroom Resources through the sharing of expertise, networks and resources. Classroom posters were delivered to every Australian secondary school in the lead up to broadcast. The online journey clips can be accessed immediately after broadcast of episode 3.

Additionally Australian Red Cross is hosting two major pre-screening/panel events in Sydney and Melbourne giving the opportunity for their members to meet some of the series participants.

To view the journey clips and download the Free Classroom Resources visit:

Go Back to Where You Came From is a special television event screening across three consecutive nights on Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 July, at 8.30pm on SBS.

The series will be followed by a special forum episode of The Feed at 9.30pm, Thursday 30 July on SBS 2, hosted by Marc Fennell.

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook: #GoBackSBS

Written by Nick Craven

The Ex-PM, a six-part half hour comedy series created, written by and starring one of Australia’s favourite comedians, Shaun Micallef, commences filming in Melbourne today.

As our third longest-serving Prime Minister, Andrew Dugdale (Shaun Micallef) was a man who mattered. He dined with Presidents and Kings, hosted world summits and changed the lives of millions of his fellow Australians. But now he’s retired, this not-so-elder statesman has far too much time on his hands and no-one to waste it on.

A fabulous ensemble cast joins Micallef including Nikki Wendt, Kate Jenkinson, Lucy Honigman, Nicholas Bell, Francis Greenslade, Jackson Tozer, Ming-Zhu Hii and comedy veteran, John Clarke. Sian Davies (Offspring, Mr & Mrs Murder) will direct. Nick Murray (House of Hancock, Stupid Stupid Man) produces for CJZ.

Nick Murray says, “I can’t wait to start shooting The Ex-PM. It’s a rare pleasure with such a great cast and Shaun’s scripts are wonderful”.

Shaun Micallef says “I am very much looking forward to stepping in front of the cameras for my new series The Ex-PM. Hopefully they will be switched on.”

After blowing the advance for his memoirs but writing nothing in return, Dugdale has to accept a ghostwriter, Ellen (Lucy Honigman), into his dysfunctional household (one that includes a wife in name only, a grown-up daughter with father issues – plus her son, a bodyguard who watches too much Person Of Interest on his iPhone, a PA who knows where all the bodies are buried, a chauffeur with a metal plate in his head and a heart of gold – and a cook on a 451 Visa).

So begins a comic tango between truth and spin as Ellen and Dugdale take to the dance floor. A tale of redemption somewhere between House of Cards and One Foot in the Grave.

Said ABC Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski “Not too sure who this Micallef kid is, but we’ll give anyone a go at the ABC”.

The Ex-PM is a CJZ Production in association with ABC TV and Film Victoria. It will air on ABC later this year.

A new series of GBTWYCF returns to SBS. Don’t miss the special three-night event premiering on Tuesday 28 July at 8:30pm.

Click the Media Release to have a sneak peak at the trailer.

House of Hancock, the two part mini-series, held it’s viewers over 2 epic nights to become the highest rating drama of the year.

Staring Mandy McElhinney as Gina Rinehart, Sam Neill as Lang Hancock and Peta Sergeant as Rose Lacson. It tells the epic story of the Hancock dynasty and the bizarre love triangle that emerged between Lang (Neill), his daughter Gina (McElhinney) and his beautiful Filipina housekeeper Rose (Sergeant).

What the critics said:

As a docu-drama about one of Australia’s most fascinating and still influential families, it is tantalisingly transfixing and utterly unmissable.

McElhinney is superb as Gina. Her interactions with Rose – for whom she holds unvarnished contempt – are something to behold. The Age

Sergeant’s Rose is instantly mesmerizing. Daily Telegraph

House of Hancock, the controversial and epic story of the Hancock dynasty – produced by Paul Bennett, Michael Cordell & Claudia Karvan – Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder, broadcast on the Nine Network.

Go Back To Where You Came From series 3 will premiere on SBS July 2015.

The much awarded series has been filmed and is currently in post production to air on the same network (SBS Australia)  which aired the very successful and controversial first 2 series.

Go Back Series 1 – “Superbly photographed and edited, Go Back to Where You Came From is a series that deals with the politics of asylum and in some ways inevitably the politics of national identity….Go Back to Where You Came From is engrossing TV”  –  The Australian, Graham Blundell

Go Back Series 2  – “Brilliant television that proves the contrived reality format can still work wonders in the right hands.” Sydney Morming Herald –  Karl Quinn

GO BACK has been optioned in ten territories around the world to date; Germany, Denmark, USA, France, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, NZ.
Germany and Denmark are the first to have produced local versions with Belgium most recently commissioning their own version. The Australian series has been sold into NZ, Canada and HK.

Awards won to date:

  • 2013 International Emmy
  • 2013 Logie – Most Outstanding Factual Programme
  • 2013 AACTA Best Documentary Series
  • 2012 Banff World Media Awards – Best Social Documentary
  • 2012 Rose d’Or Best International Television Programme
  • 2012 Rose d’Or Best factual Entertainment Series
  • 2012 Logie – Most Outstanding Factual Programme
  • 2011 SPAA Independent Factual Producer of the Year
  • 2011 UN Media Peace Awards – Best Documentary
  • 2011 UN Media Peace Awards – Promotion of Multicultural issues


The satirical consumer affairs program The Checkout continues to win it’s primetime 8pm slot. Last night it’s impressive numbers once again placed it in the top ten most watched shows of the night.

Each week, The Checkout takes a no-hold-barred, irreverent and entertaining approach to explaining and exposing the ways that all of us are being ripped off.

On launch, Julian Morrow, fellow Executive Producer for Giant Dwarf, said: “We look forward to once again guaranteeing to cause headaches, as well as being pains in the neck and arse to companies not doing the right thing by consumers.”

The Checkout is produced by CJZ and Giant Dwarf in association with the ABC

The Checkout, Thursdays 8pm ABC.

House of Hancock, the two part mini-series, stars Mandy McElhinney as Gina Rinehart, Sam Neill as Lang Hancock and Peta Sergeant as Rose Lacson. It tells the epic story of the Hancock dynasty and the bizarre love triangle that emerged between Lang (Neill), his daughter Gina (McElhinney) and his beautiful Filipina housekeeper Rose (Sergeant).

What the critics are saying:

As a docu-drama about one of Australia’s most fascinating and still influential families, it is tantalisingly transfixing and utterly unmissable.

McElhinney is superb as Gina. Her interactions with Rose – for whom she holds unvarnished contempt – are something to behold. The Age

Sergeant’s Rose is instantly mesmerizing. Daily Telegraph

House of Hancock, the controversial and epic story of the Hancock dynasty – produced by Paul Bennett, Michael Cordell & Claudia Karvan from Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder, will Premiere nationally on Network Nine this Sunday 8th Feb @ 8.45pm